When we moved to Los Angeles with our severely anxious 8 year old dachshund Lucy, we were devastated to leave our former behaviorist behind. Our pup was worse than ever after the big move and we were at the vet with her at least once a month for anxiety-related issues. We were no longer able to leave her home alone for any length of time–she began howling, pacing, drooling, and shaking the second we went for the keys. We were miserable. Prisoners in our own home, terrified we would lose our apartment due to noise-complaints if we so much as ran to the grocery store.

Finally, our vet referred us to Dr. Rachel. We were hesitant to see yet another Dr. because we felt like we had tried everything (years with a behaviorist, several different long and short term meds, etc.).

Dr. Rachel was calm, patient, and confident about helping the three of us and worked with us to create and fine-tune a treatment program. Fast forward a year later and we have never been happier. Lucy actually enjoys spending time alone when we leave her! We couldn’t believe it the first time we video taped her and discovered her playing with her toys and sleeping the entire work day! We recommend Dr. Rachel to friends and neighbors any time someone mentions an issue with their pet. We are so grateful to have found her!

Sydney, Stuart, and Lucy



Our cat Muffin had anxiety and behavioral issues that got worse and worse over a couple of years. We were referred to Dr. Malamed by our (wonderful) vet at Mohawk Alley after Prozac helped some but not all of them. The one thing we couldn’t solve was the persistent way Muffin behaved around feeding times—sometimes waking us for breakfast by way of face-biting at 4:00 in the morning. Dr. Malamed recognized Muffin’s anxiety and attention seeking actions, but it was more than that. Dr. Malamed understood her! After we felt like we’d tried everything, she provided simple, concrete enrichment activities for Muffin that worked, I’m not kidding, immediately. Muffin went from a cat who seemed unhappy and was preventing us from getting sleep to a content and even playful cat.

So far, our sleep and our beloved kitty’s well-being have been restored. I can’t overstate what a gigantic help Dr. Malamed’s advice was! She knows her stuff. She knows pets.


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