Dr. Malamed's mission is to collaborate with the primary care veterinarian, trainer and pet owner, in order to keep pets in their homes and improve the human animal bond.

Dr. Malamed will take the time to develop a comprehensive behavioral health plan, which incorporates science based techniques, owner education and veterinary medicine. She emphasizes the need to rule out or treat disease processes that may contribute to certain behaviors.

Depending on location, Dr. Malamed offers house call consultations which provide the opportunity to observe the pet within their own environment and eliminate travel related stress experienced by some animals.

Dr. Malamed is now scheduling behavior appointments for small animals and their human companions.


It is recommended that all pets have a complete physical examination, including general bloodwork and urinalysis, done by their primary care veterinarian prior to scheduling a behavior consultation. Additional tests may be recommended.

Pet owners are asked to submit the following items at least 3 days prior to the appointment:

  • Completed pre-history questionnaire
  • Video of pet’s behavior (if it is possible to obtain safely)
  • Medical records


Consultations usually require 1.5 to 2 hours in order to gather a detailed history and discuss a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. Owners are taught how to implement behavior modification techniques.

Occasionally, psychotropic medications are prescribed; however, this is usually considered as a last resort for severe cases after owners have already implemented appropriate behavior modification and management protocols.

Post Consultation

Written discharge instructions are provided. In addition, clarification and support via telephone or e-mail consultation is available following the appointment. Progress appointments may be recommended for severe or complicated cases. Ultimately, the success of the treatment plan is dependent upon the compliance and commitment put forth by the pet’s family.

Your primary care veterinarian will receive an update from Dr. Malamed as well as a copy of the medical report and discharge instructions.

For additional information concerning the consultation process, please see frequently asked questions or call 818-900-2084.


To be completed and submitted prior to the consultation. A password to open this form will be provided after the pet’s appointment is scheduled.

Canine Appointment Forms

Feline Appointment Forms


  • Canine behavior consultations

Separation anxiety; noise phobias; aggression; repetitive behaviors; destructive and escape behavior; excessive vocalization; acral lick dermatitis; unruly behaviors such as play biting; fear of car rides; fear of the vet clinic; fear of nail trimming procedures; house soiling and senior pet behavior problems, and more.

    • Feline behavior consultations

House soiling and spraying; aggression; over-grooming and excessive vocalization, and more.

  • Bird behavior consultations

Aggression, fear, screaming, feather picking, and more.

  • Pocket Pets and Exotics behavior consultations
  • Pre-adoption and “New Pet” consultations
  • Geriatric pet consultations
  • Puppy and kitten socialization appointments
  • Introducing your puppy, kitten or adult pet to the veterinary clinic

behavioral conditions

Separation Anxiety
Repetitive Behaviors
Excessive Vocalization
House Soiling
We treat:

Pocket Pets

Many More


Canine Appointment Forms
Canine Welcome Letter
Canine History Form

Feline Appointment Forms
Feline Welcome Letter
Feline History Form