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Airtalk with Larry Mantle

July 13

AirTalk with Larry Mantle on LAist 89.3FM

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Los Angeles Times

July 22

Your dog doesn’t want you going to work or on vacation. How to handle separation anxiety.

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The New York Times Magazine

July 13, 2008

Doug Noticed that his cat would attack if he smelled strange, so he would take a shower after coming home and then change into his khaki pants lined with ballistic nylon.

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Nat Geo Wild

Tips to Help With a Spraying Cat
February, 2016

Spraying should first be differentiated from inappropriate urination outside the box. These are distinct behaviors and there are differences in the way they are treated. Spraying is a normal communicatory behavior that may be sexual (hormone related), territorial or stress …

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Inside Edition - The Desperate Life of Pets

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