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Pet Coach

What Is Your Dog’s Tail Telling You?

A dog’s tail can reveal quite a bit of information. It’s just one part of dog body language that pet parents should pay attention to, says Dr. Rachel Malamed, a veterinary behaviorist based in Los Angeles.

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Pet MD

Cats Scared By Cucumbers: Knowing the Facts Behind the Viral Phenomenon
November, 2015

The Internet seems to have an endless fascination with putting cats in awkward situations. Namely, cats being put in awkward situations with some sort of food. (Case in point: Breaded Cats or Cats Reacting to Bananas.) The latest chapter in …

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Mother Nature Network

Why do dogs chase their tails
November, 2017

Who can figure dogs out? One minute they’re snoozing on the couch, the next they’re spinning in circles trying to catch their tails. Although it can certainly be amusing to watch as your canine friend becomes a whirling dervish, you …

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Nat Geo Wild

Tips to Help With a Spraying Cat
February, 2016

Spraying should first be differentiated from inappropriate urination outside the box. These are distinct behaviors and there are differences in the way they are treated. Spraying is a normal communicatory behavior that may be sexual (hormone related), territorial or stress …

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